Things You Should Not Do When You Visit A New Church You Don’t Know About

Things You Should Not Do When You Visit A New Church You Don’t Know About

If while you come to a new place or a strange land, and you find a church there to attend, these are the things you should not do until you have verified if the church is truly of God.

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(1) Do not take holy communion, do not eat there, do not drink anything there. Because if it is an evil church, you may implicate yourself.

(2) Do not give tithe or offering there except you are led. If you give to a church serving an evil power, you are not giving to God.

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(3) Do not go for counselling. Going for counselling is like exposing yourself. Imagine telling an occult of pastor of your personal family issues.

(4) Do not let them lay hands on you.

(5) Do not date any person there. Until you are sure the church is clean, do not date or marry any person there.

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If you notice the church is evil, leave immediately even if there are no other churches there.


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