New Changes For Jehovah’s Witness: Women Can Wear Trousers(Full Details)

Based on the New Governing Body Update in the Jehovah’s witness website, certain changes have been announced as a response to their heavy loss of Memberships and loss in Court cases. These changes are minor but serious to the typical Jehovah’s Witness who has taken the words of the Governing body members way too seriously.

The changes are as follows:

1. The Governing body has decided that Jehovah’s Witnesses can now use their Bible trained conscience to greet Disfellowshipped people ( people who have been expelled from the congregation based on a wrong doing). Jehovah’s Witnesses are only to have brief interactions with them but still are not encouraged to socialise with them.

This little change was made because the religion has come under fire for their Disfellowshipping doctrine in different Court cases. Because of this doctrine, Jehovah’s Witnesses lost their registration in Norway. The Norwegian government ceased giving grants to the Cult and no longer recognise them as a Religion. They are also no longer permitted to conduct Marriages in that country.

2.The Governing body has decided that Underaged Children/Minors are no longer required to be in a judicial committee for Wrongdoing. The parents and the Elders have their role to play in talking with the Minor and if the minor is of good behaviour, a judicial committee is not necessary. This change is also as a result of Jehovah’s Witnesses loss in the Court case involving the Norwegian government. The Norwegian government deregistered the Religion when they found out that Underaged Children are disfellowshipped and are shunned by their Families. This is Discrimination in the eyes of Norway and against their rules for religious institutions who are interested in receiving Government grants. So, money is the motivation behind this change.

3. Jehovah’s Witness Women are now allowed to wear Trousers to the Kingdom hall, to the Ministry and to Conventions. The mode of dressing with trousers must not be Casual. When they have parts to be done in the Kingdom hall or Conventions, they must wear skirts. When visiting Bethel Headquarters, they are to be dressed in skirts or dresses.

This change came because EXJWS who have left the religion have been making these suggestions. Sometimes, this suggestion is made as a joke and was very popular in ExJW Reddit Forum. It is quite a shock that the Governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses listened to the ExJWs that they call Apostates. There have been reports that there are agents of Watchtower spying in the ExJW Reddit Forum, listening and taking notes of what is being discussed. Afterwards, their suggestions are implemented in the name of New Light. They believe that when they make these changes, it would move EXJWS to come back to the religion. So, who is running the JW Religion, Apostates or the Governing body?

4. Jehovah’s Witness Men must not wear ties and jackets to the Kingdom hall, to the ministry and to Conventions. They are only to wear Ties and jackets when they are giving parts/Talks. They are also to be dressed in ties and jackets when visiting the Bethel Headquarters.
Earlier, it was announced that they are free to grow beards. The Governing body member giving this update in the video below had a full beard.

It is evident that a lot of changes are a response to a dying religion and they are doing their best to rebrand themselves to make themselves more appealing to the public.

Video below:


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  1. This changes where not made because of exjw but because they have researched nothing scripturally wrong about these changes, in fact some of this things have been done since in some other countries where they are seen as normal, the governing body updates is only bringing this to light as it has been a cause for disunity and ppl with different views in the organisation might judge others, so these updates are to keep the organisation United in faith adjusting to things that are general norms and are not scripturally condemned. Do your findings from right sources before blogging wrong info potter. And jws are not cult. They are probably the only ppl left trying to practise true morality.

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