FULAFIA lecturer & His Entire Family Brutalize A 20 Years- Old Girll For Dragging A Man With Their Daughter (Video)

Netizens are calling for justice for Blessing, a 20-year-old FULAFIA student who was abused by a friend’s family.

STAR POTTER learned that the girl had been abused and brutalized by the FULAFIA teachers and her entire family for quarreling with her daughter over a man. A few days ago there was a viral video of a woman tricking her friend into removing a sugar daddy phone number from her phone.

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The two women are Blessing and her so-called friend Ella. Instead of settling the matter amicably, Ella got her whole family involved and even encouraged her friends to get involved.

They kidnapped her, took her to a strange thicket, beat her and whipped her mercilessly. As if that wasn’t enough, Ella’s father was caught stripping her of her n***d and flogging her bare skin. The girl begged her mercy, but they carried out an evil plan.

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This incident occurred in Rafia, Nasarawa. Blessing is an orphan from Taraba State.

Sugar Daddy’s phone number is causing havoc in Rafia Nasarawa State.


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