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BREAKING: Building with over 800 rooms collapses in Lagos

After a school-turned-residential building in the Ketu neighbourhood of Lagos partially collapsed on Sunday, at least two people are still fighting for their lives in a private hospital.

Over 800 rooms and hundreds of inhabitants were housed in the Agboye Estate building on Oduntan Street in Ketu when it initially collapsed on Saturday afternoon after hours of rain fell throughout most of Lagos.

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On Sunday afternoon, as people were still attempting to save their possessions, the building collapsed once more, causing another building inside the compound to be completely destroyed.

Numerous families and individuals living on the block were forced to leave after the incident spread terror throughout the area.

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On Sunday evening, as members of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency fenced off the area, hundreds of residents could be seen transporting their possessions in various directions.

Lagos officials have marked the problematic site, which contained multiple substandard buildings, for demolition.

An eyewitness who bemoaned the appalling living circumstances of Agboye Estate tenants claimed that at least 12 rooms shared a single toilet and bathroom in the majority of the units that were built just inches apart from one another.

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There are often two people in each room, making a total of 24 people using one toilet


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