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Three Nigerian Teenagers Break Guinness Record For Multiple Skipping Times(Video)

Gbenga Ezekiel, 18, achieved the most skips in one minute on one leg (278), breaking his own record of 265, and the most double under skips in one minute on one leg (144), beating the previous record of 132, set by India’s Himanshu Prajapati in 2021.

On the same day, Philip Solomon, 16, also broke one of Himanshu’s records for the most rope crossovers while skipping on one leg in 30 seconds (69) and equalled another for the most rope crossovers while skipping on one leg in 30 seconds blindfolded (62).

These are Philip’s second and third Guinness World Records titles – he earned his first in early 2023 after performing the most skips in 30 seconds on one foot (153).

The third record breaker, 16-year-old Dunsin Dubem, achieved the most double under crossovers while skipping in 30 seconds (78), surpassing the previous record by five.

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Gbenga, Philip, and Dunsin all began skipping at age 14-15, coached by Ukandu Chibuisi in the city of Akure.

The trio turned their attention to breaking world records after they found themselves unable to participate in the World Jump Rope Championships due to lack of funding.

“With the advice and training from our coach we decided to focus on breaking as many Guinness World Records titles as we can,” Philip said.

Coach Chibuisi designed training programmes for the teens, who practised “intensively” every day after school to prepare for their record attempts.

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“When we complain, he will tell us that hard training is the only sacrifice for winning a world record,” said Philip.

Juggling schoolwork and training proved to be a challenge, however, they never skipped a session, despite having to walk an hour from school to the stadium where they trained. “It wasn’t easy at all,” Gbenga recalls.

Fortunately, their dedication paid off, and they were able to claim some hotly contested world records which have changed hands numerous times over the past few years.

The trio plan to continue breaking records in 2024, eager to further demonstrate their superlative skipping abilities.

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Along with Coach Chibuisi, they have also started an initiative called “Rope Skipping in My School”, aimed at promoting the sport of skipping to students in both urban and rural communities.

“We are discovering new, young, talented rope skippers,” Philip said.

“Someday they will also be Guinness World Records title holders.”


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