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Change is one of the natural phenomena of human existence. It’s either you are the initiator of that change or the victim- whereby it catches you unaware. However, all things on earth change and evolve with time.

My focus with this post is on the former category, which usually occurs as a result of making intentional decisions.

Here are the 3 important features I have discovered in choosing a growth mindset over what seems like abnormal growth.

– 📍Purpose: This answers the question: What is your uniqueness and message to the world? The truth is you can’t grow in the right measure if you don’t yet know your why on earth. Seek to settle this aspect first before you end up growing in the wrong direction.

– 📍Platform: This is the structure that answers the question of where your message would be heard by your target audience – people attached to your destiny. To some, it’s their profession, some ministry, some through public speaking, others leveraging technology. Every purpose has its designated platform; find yours and stick to it.

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– 📍People: I always say this umpteenth time that not everybody is your audience. And the place of people in your life signifies different roles. Some are there to push you forward, support you, reject you so you can become aggressive to do better, and others to serve as wings to make you soar high. And a humble heart is all it takes to crack this aspect.


Yeah, that’s right! Growth is beyond any human becoming or what I call the physical. It’s more of what goes on behind the surface such as the mind and sub-consciousness. Before you can openly say that you are a different person due to growth, you must have taken intentional steps in all your decisions to always give what it takes.

These and more were the things I shared as the panelist at the Choose Growth Conference 2.0 last week.

I’ll still share some more of my perspective on intentional growth in my next post on my Social media pages (Tolulope Quadri), but for now, I’d like to appreciate the organizing team, Creative Raisers Network and share my takes from the keynote speakers.

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Here are the few points I took from Keynote speaker 1 Jesudamilare Adesegun-David on Growth and Independence.

– 📍Paint a mental vision of what you need independence for.
– 📍You can be so many things at a time and none of them will suffer for the other. (oh, I love this!)
– 📍Don’t approach relationships with a parasitic mindset. Always be ready to offer something in return.

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Here are the few points I took from Keynote Speaker 2 Dr. Oladipo Elijah Kolawole (Ph.D) about intentional growth.

– 📍A tree can not make a forest and that is why the tree needs other like-minded trees and not grasses to make a forest. Seek like-minded relationships. (I love this analogy!)

– 📍There’s no success in anything external. Success is in God and you.

It was such a great time for me to learn from these speakers and fellow panelists and also to connect more with new people.

It’s your best chance to take growth seriously. Choose wisely

(c)Tolulope Quadri: Growth Coach || Project Manager || Digital Marketer || Baker.

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Ogbomoso Youths and Teens showed up in their hundreds to grace the Choose Growth 2.0 Summit(Photos)


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