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Terrifying Moment Huge Screen Fell On Dancers During Concert In Hong Kong(Video)

The horrifying footage below shows the moment a massive screen crashed to the ground from a stadium roof, crushing a dancer in front of tens of thousands of concertgoers in Hong Kong.

On Thursday, July 28, the boy band Mirror was performing at the Hong Kong Coliseum when one of the big video monitors above the stage abruptly collapsed, falling on one dancer and topple another.

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Fans upset by the occurrence were heard screaming and yelling in terror.

At least five people were hurt, and three more were brought to the hospital, reports Dim Sum Daily.

Following the incident, the band’s manager, Ahfa Wong, went on stage to apologise and call off the rest of the performance.

A portion of the horrific video of the incident was tweeted by news reporter Ezra Cheung.

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In his article, he wrote: While a Hong Kong singing and dancing boy band was presenting their inaugural show, a terrible accident broke out, hurting at least two dancers.

Both were reportedly awake when they were transported to the hospital.

Watch Video:


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