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Protests Looms in Benue As Herdsmen Slaughter 12 People (Graphic Photos)

Yesterday around midnight, Mchia in Mbagber council ward of Benue State was reportedly invaded by several armed individuals who were thought to be herdsmen militias.

Salem residents discovered that the militias attacked the neighbourhood while everyone was asleep in the middle of the night.

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A local insider informed the newspaper that the hour-long onslaught claimed the lives of no fewer than 12 persons. Numerous casualties, according to the source, were reported.

According to a different report, the villagers who were upset by the incident from yesterday attacked the Hausa community this morning, September 22.

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According to reports, the mob destroyed both businesses and homes. Additionally, neighbourhood members have protested the killings on the streets.

The protesters, who were mainly women, carried signs calling for government action.

Unverified reports also claimed that a nearby police station had been destroyed.

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