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OYFGG Movement Dissolves Executive Members Inaugurate Screening Committees for Screening of New Executives(Apply Now)

At the OYFGG Movement held last executive meeting for the year today, December 31, 2023, at Anglican Grammar School, Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

The meeting, convened by the Convener Aare ADEDIRAN, Abiodun Sunday HarbbeyScore at exactly 2:37 pm, focused on addressing the issue of non-committed members and deciding the course of action for the upcoming year.

The main concern was the lack of dedication from certain members who associate with the OYFGG name but fail to contribute to the movement’s goals. HarbbeyScore initiated the discussion, emphasizing the need for change as the new year approached.

To tackle this issue, the suggestion of holding a virtual call was proposed by Comr. Emmanuel, aiming to allow all executive members to express their thoughts. However, Comr. K Gold expressed skepticism, stating that similar approaches had yielded unsatisfactory results in the past. He proposed a more drastic solution: dissolving the entire executive and opening public registration through a Google form, followed by a rigorous screening process.

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Comrade Adeleke supported K Gold’s suggestion, agreeing that it could attract individuals genuinely committed to the movement’s objectives. The consensus among the attendees was to proceed with an open recruitment for new executive members.

HarbbeyScore swiftly took charge, suggesting a committee to handle the recruitment process promptly. The house agreed, selecting Comr. HarbbeyScore, Comr. K Gold, and Comr. Adeleke for the committee. The urgency of the situation was acknowledged, with a directive to finalize the screening before people start dispersing to their respective places which is to commence immediately and be finalized in a week time.

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In closing, Harbeyscore extended gratitude to all members for their contributions to the journey thus far.

The meeting concluded with well wishes for everyone’s future endeavors.

If interested in joining the executive committee of OYFGG movement, signify through the below link

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ADEDIRAN, Abiodun Sunday
The Convener, Ogbomoso youths for good governance movement



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