Masquerade Spotted Being Punished By Nigerian Army (video)

A masquerade was filmed being punished by the Nigerian army. In the video, the masquerade was seen kneeling down while one of the soldiers asked, “How is your morale?” Receiving heavy punches from the soldier, the masquerade responded, “My morale is high, sir”.

After a while, the soldiers played music, and the masquerade was asked to dance to it. He was filmed dancing to the music.

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Thereafter, the masquerade was seen clearing grasses under the supervision of the soldiers, with his costume hanging on his legs.

One of the soldiers repeatedly called him “masquerade,” to which he repeatedly answered, “Sir.”

Then the soldier said to the masquerade, “By the time you leave here, tell your friends who ran away what your eyes witnessed.” The masquerade was asked to say, “Thank God,” and he responded, “Thank God, sir.”

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It’s not clear what offense the masquerade committed at the time of posting this video, but we hope to provide the full details once we find out.


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