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Man Kills Uncle’s Wife & Used Her Head To Make Pepper Soup in benue

Jeremiah Ode, 45, is accused of killing Priscilla Adoga, 65, the wife of his uncle, using her head to prepare pepper soup, and then eating it before being apprehended.
According to P.M.EXPRESS, police officers from the Benue State Command have detained the suspect, Ode, and have accused him of cannibalism in front of the Makurdi Magistrate Court.

The suspect, Ode, of Igwe Ochekpo, Oju Local Government Area, Benue State, was allegedly captured eating the head of a woman on her farm after cooking pepper soup from it, according to the police.

Inspector Omaye Ujata, the prosecutor, informed the court that the incident took place on Friday, August 19, 2022, and that it was reported to the police by a man named Silas Igiri. According to Silas, Ode entered the farm where Priscilla was working and killed her with a machete.

According to reports, the defendant cut off the victim’s head, used it to make pepper soup on the farm, and was eating it when he was apprehended.

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When the late Priscilla failed to arrive home from the farm at the scheduled hour, her family went looking for her and discovered Ode cooking a supper using the woman’s severed skull. Ode was allegedly psychologically unstable.

According to reports, Ode admitted to the Police that he only began by eating the woman’s head before moving on to other parts of her body.

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In addition, he acknowledged that he and the victim engaged in a machete duel before he killed her.

He was found guilty of wilful murder by the police, who apparently believed that his narration was too normal to be the product of a disturbed mind. He was then brought before the court for prosecution.

When he was charged, he entered a guilty plea in front of the court and showed no remorse for what he had done.

The prosecutor was instructed to duplicate the file and send it to the DPP after the court ordered his remand in the correctional facility pending the outcome of the DPP’s advice.

The case was postponed to November 11th, 2022, pending the release of the DPP’s report, which will determine whether or not the High Court would have jurisdiction to prosecute.

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If the offender is prosecuted and convicted in court following the prosecution over the alleged murder, he might receive a number of years in prison or life in prison.


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