How to apply for international passport online

One of the basic things you should know as a citizen of a country is to know how to apply for a passport, especially an international one. Who doesn’t want to travel the world? Passport acquaintance is not just for people leaving the country; it could be for vacation, visitation to friends and family in the diaspora and even schooling. Knowledge helps an endeavour get easier.

As a citizen of Nigeria, you will need an international passport if your aim is what I have listed above and this is possible through the Nigerian Immigration Service. Actually, what is required to get an international passport varies in Nigeria; depending if you’re applying for the first time or renewal.

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The application process for international passport is undergoing rejuvenation; notwithstanding these are the steps to take:

Visit the Nigerian Immigration portal: APPLY HERE

Fill the application form: for a fresher, click on “apply for fresh passport”.

Complete all required data such as your National Identification Number, photograph, date of birth and others.

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Make sure you fill accurately before submission; then visit the  nearest Immigration Office for your biometric capture.

You should know the different types of passport in Nigeria. They are:

Official Passport

This type of passport is used by government officials.

Diplomatic Passport

This is a type of passport reserved for high ranking government officials like the President, Vice- President and other officials next to them.

Standard Passport

This type is available to every Nigerian citizen. It is a means of identification for Nigerians travelling abroad ; known for its green cover.

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Pilgrim Passport

This is issued to Nigerians embarking on religious pilgrimage or rites.


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