Gistlover Replies The Police Over Arrest

@nigeriapoliceforce you guys are a big joke. Is this how useless and senseless you guys are, big joke and cloutjUSI to prove what?? bring one evidence wey una see say na those boys be gistlover, make una do una mumu finish , ati arrester 000 ati petitioner 000, all of una na lawsuit Go Jam una this new year, since you all have money to waste for court, let’s fvcking go there , aye yin onida

Jeanslover to Nigeria Police right now, see how you all display una unprofessionalism to the whole world, normal normal we sabi say una no Dey Professional as na retired ogogoro people una Dey employ but showing it to the whole is such a big shame to you all, ontop how much wey una collect for Toyin the famous fraudster hand.

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Toyin oni Ppp loan fraud want chase clout with those boys , since una want do mistake hold people, why una no hold rich people wey go face una bumper to bumper, na poor man pikin una want take Dey chase clout, shows how powerless and vain una be, face your match, that been said,

CAN I KNOW MY OFFENSE insecurities left and right, economy don fall yakata for ground yet na gistlover be their nightmare e be Like say na only me fit this people 000, their mind no Dey ever touch ground ontop my matter, the only blog they couldn’t buy or put unde their payroll till today, the only blog wey Dey call their bluff, the only blog wey no Dey look their papa face, you come talk say mal them no fear , shey ko por leti iyawon ni, be Like i Don too Sleep sef, make I apply more pressure , Enikuuuure,

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RELEASE INNOCENT BOYS 00 but help me hold that fake page well – that one sweet me, next time him no go open fake page again.

®nigeriapoliceforce how far, Eti shey esin aworo 0000? You guys just made a mockery of your uniform today , shameeeeeeeee, is it a crime to be poor in this part of the world, na only poor man pikin una Dey harass, una shame Dey shame me, Alara gbigbe husband snatcher tee in the mud 7> famous Ppp loan fraudster in the mud, must logba lagidi tee in the mud, e pain am

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Police Arrest Gistlover Operators (Photo)


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