Expensive Sex: Prices Of Condoms Skyrocket (Photos)

Most Promiscuous Nigerian Men May Go Raw As The Price Of Condom Skyrockets

As I went to buy paracetamol at the chemist which cost two hundred naira,my attention was caught by the price of condom and I could not hesitate but snap it.

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Condoms are now being sold at 2500, 5000 and 7000 naira a pack.

I was like alot of guys will go raw if they are not able to afford it.

Having sex in Nigeria is now very expensive especially for promisquos men.
The breakdown of expenses include condom 3,000,hotel 20,000,olosho fee 50,000,food and drinks 10,000 naira.Total 93,000 naira .
Promisquos men will learn and they will learn the hard way.


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