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“Empowering Ogbomoso: The Transformative Journey of Ajilete Youth Summit 2.0”



In the heart of Ogbomoso, a vibrant community pulsating with history and culture, the Ajilete Youth Summit 2.0 emerged as a catalyst for change. Held on the transformative date of Thursday, December 21, 2023, this summit not only became a forum for learning and capacity building but also stood as a beacon of communication and accountability within the community.
The Diverse Tapestry of Activities:
The essence of the Ajilete Youth Summit 2.0 manifested itself in its multifaceted approach. The summit, a melting pot of ideas and aspirations, brought forth engaging debates, heated panel discussions, and entertaining interludes featuring indigenous celebrities. Over 300 participants actively immersed themselves in the charged atmosphere, contributing to the summit’s success.

Each participant, a vital stakeholder in the community’s future, received a certificate of participation and appreciation. This gesture not only recognized individual efforts but also underscored the collective commitment to fostering positive change.
The Presence of Notable Figures:
The significance of the summit was further heightened by the presence of notable figures from Ogbomoso’s political landscape. Their attendance served as a powerful testament to the summit’s importance in the eyes of those steering the political course of the region. The convergence of indigenous celebrities added a layer of excitement, transforming the event into not just an educational endeavor but a celebration of local talent.

The Success of a Comprehensive Approach:
What sets the Ajilete Youth Summit 2.0 apart from conventional gatherings is its comprehensive approach. By seamlessly blending informative sessions with moments of entertainment, the summit created an environment conducive to holistic growth and community building. This fusion aimed not just to impart knowledge but also to inspire and uplift, contributing to the holistic development of the youth in Ogbomoso.

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United in Purpose: Ogbomoso Youths Advocate Good Governance
On December 21st, the Sure Doors Plaza in Ogbomoso witnessed a momentous gathering as the Ogbomoso Youths for Good Governance Movement orchestrated a symphony of voices. The diverse assembly included youths, media outlets, and stakeholders who convened to dissect the status of youth participation in decision-making processes.
Insights from a Panel of Wisdom:
Esteemed speakers, including Professor Raphael Afonja and Mr. Tunde Akinola (T-fat), graced the event. The panel sessions were a highlight, providing profound insights into effective youth involvement in decision-making and government policy. T-fat, one of the speakers, shared invaluable advice on crafting bills for the House of Representatives, sparking discussions about youth participation in politics.
Educational Empowerment:
The second session featured members of the Oyo State Youth Parliament (Ogbomoso Caucus), emphasizing the impact of active participation on national and community development. The third session included an address by Hon. Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala JP, Representative of Ogbomoso North, South, and Oriire Federal Constituency.

Youth-Led Advocacy:

The Convener of the Ogbomoso Youths for Good Governance Movement, Comr. Adediran, Abiodun Sunday, in his opening address expressed the movement’s mission to bring governance closer to the masses, breaking down barriers between leaders and followers by bringing together, the leaders of today, with that of tomorrow. He also expresses that, “The Ogbomoso Youths for Good Governance Movement is a youth non-governmental organization that was born to evangelize and advocate good governance in Nigeria. The movement is aimed at bringing governance closer to the masses by bringing a workable interface between them, as it’s established that one of the bottlenecks to good governance is the bridges between the leaders and followers. The organization, aligned with the United Nations Social Development Goals, strives to make Ogbomoso a pacesetter in advocating for good governance.
The Collective Call to Action:
With around 300 participants from diverse groups and organizations, the event became a unified front for change.

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The Ogbomoso Youths for Good Governance Movement stands as a testament to the power of civic engagement, echoing UNICEF’s definition of collective actions to improve the well-being of communities.
The epoch-making event in Ogbomoso marked not just a gathering but a movement, fueled by the passion and dedication of the youth. It showcased the potential of united action, offering a platform for young leaders to influence and decide on the changes they wish to see in their society. The Ogbomoso Youths for Good Governance Movement, through this event, not only advocates for change but actively shapes the narrative of the future for the youth in Ogbomoso.

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In conclusion, the Ajilete Youth Summit 2.0 stands as a resounding success, a testament to Ogbomoso’s commitment to progress. By fostering dialogue, learning, and collaboration, events like these contribute significantly to the development of the community. The summit serves as a rallying point for the youth, reminding them of their collective responsibility in shaping the future of their cherished homeland.
Looking to the Future:
As we bid adieu to the Ajilete Youth Summit 2.0, our gaze turns towards the future with anticipation. The success of this event paves the way for the Ajilete Youth Summit 3.0, where even greater opportunities for learning, collaboration, and celebration await. The journey continues, and the future looks promising for the vibrant youth of Ogbomoso.


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