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Drama As Groom’s Ex- Girlfriend Throws Poop At Him And New Bride After Storming Their Wedding (Video)

In what will come across as a really startling development, a wedding in Bolivia recently turned chaotic.

The wedding quickly turned messy and chaotic after the groom’s ex stormed the venue and threw poop on the newlyweds.

The couple had just said “I do” when the ex attacked.


A woman — who has not been publicly identified but who is rumored to be the groom’s ex — allegedly brought a bucket filled with poop and oil to the wedding to throw on the couple while a crowd surrounded them to congratulate them on their nuptials.

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Photos from the venue show the bride’s hair, face and white dress completely covered in poop. The groom’s military outfit was also soiled with poop.

The ex reportedly was unhappy and jealous that the groom was marrying someone else, local media reported.

After the incident, the bride posted on social media that she hoped her husband’s ex “will let us live in peace after getting her revenge,” according to Jam Press.

People commented on the bride’s social media to support her after the incident.

“That’s stooping low as a woman. No matter how damaged or cheated you feel, never seek revenge. Let him be happy with his new partner,” someone named Maria said.

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“What a shame for the bride, she will always have this uncomfortable moment in her mind,” commenter Paula wrote.

“How ridiculous he didn’t want to marry that woman for some reason…” Jazmin chimed in.

“These types of acts should be reported. We all have an ex. I wouldn’t want to see this kind of thing happen to my daughters or anyone else,” Gabriel said.

Watch the video below.


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