Daniel Regha Slams Asake For Disrespecting Christianity in His New Song

Twitter user, Daniel Regha has tackled singer, Asake accusing him of disrespecting Christians with his new song.

In a Twitter post, Daniel Regha argued that Asake’s recent video in which he wore an outfit depicting a man of God disrespects Christians.

He further stated that any Christian who sees the music video and still like the song is disrespecting God.

He also included Omah Lay’s Holy Ghost track, claiming that it was completely disrespectful.

He wrote: “Asake’s “Only Me” music video is blasphemous;

The song was neither a religious song, nor does it have any line or theme that acknowledges the Roman Catholic Church, but TG Omori decided to !nsult Christianity by macking the Christian religion. Asides the Holy communion scenes,

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Asake was seen doing the inverted cross which is a symbol often used to declare an opposition to Christianity & mocking the sacrifice of Christ.

That’s not creativity, it’s insensitiv!ty at it’s peak, & was very intentional.

TG Omori continuously uses his video productions to promote sacr!lege thinking it’s art;

Asake’s new music video is !nsulting, but this isn’t the first time. In the “Bandana” music video by Fireboy ft Asake, he made mackery of the

“Pentecost” (in the church scene). It costs nothing to respect people’s religion.

Any Christian who has seen/watched Asake’s

“Only Me”, but decides to vibe to the song is also mocking Gad. Same goes for Omah Lay’s “Holy Ghost” track.”


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