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Christmas In Nigerian Languages: Cultural Diversity

Nigeria is a linguistically diverse country with numerous languages and ethnic groups. Hence, here are Christmas greetings, wishes, and phrases in a few Nigerian languages:


Greetings: E ku odun, e ku iye’dun! (Merry Christmas!)
Wishes: Ojo ibi rẹ yio dun pupọ (May your holiday be joyful)
Phrases: Ìrè tí ẹ̀dá ń gbogbo wa (Peace that surpasses all understanding)

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Greetings: E keresimesi Oma! (Merry Christmas!)
Wishes: Ijeoma na mmụọ nke ọma maka ụbọchị (Safe and pleasant travels for the holidays)
Phrases: Ọdụm nwaanyị nọ na ọ dị mma (Our sister is looking good)


Greetings: Barka da Kirsimatikuma! (Merry Christmas!)
Wishes: Allah ya ba ka rai da amana a kowanne lokaci (May God grant you peace and security always)
Phrases: Sallah da yamma (Celebration with happiness)

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Greetings: Idara-Ọwọ-Isong (Merry Christmas!)
Wishes: Ọdọ nnọọ fere fi ọdọọ (Wishing you a warm and loving welcome)
Phrases: Ọdọọ fere kede mbọ (Welcome back home)

Edo (Bini):

Greetings: Iselogbe! (Merry Christmas!)
Wishes: Osanobua ma kevbe ihama gbe ọre rẹ vbe ọghẹre (May God bless you abundantly)
Phrases: Edo ne iyare (Edo is beautiful)

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Greetings: Mbatsav! (Merry Christmas!)
Wishes: U I see ń doo (May your eyes see good things)
Phrases: Ọdo I see ń ku (May your mouth speak life)


Greetings: Barka da Kirsimatikuma! (Merry Christmas!)
Wishes: Allah ya ba ka damuwa da lafiya (May God give you good health)


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