Anti-malarial Medicine Blocked My Hearing – Man Share His Bitter Experience On Fake Drug(Photo)

On Tuesday (21-12-2023), I was having serious fever, so went to buy an over-the-counter malaria drug and one flu tablet. The lady chemist told me to use 4 tablets in the morning and 4 in the afternoon for the malaria drug, but for the Flu medicine, I should use 1 tablet in the morning and at night. I took 4 tablets in the afternoon that day. On the next day, which is Wednesday, I took 4 tablets making 8 tablets in total plus 1 Flu tablet, A few hours after I took that medicine, I felt a sharp pain in my left hear, after which the pain subsided.

I am Welder by profession, I went to work that same moment, at work, I was using a grinding machine to grind iron to make iron smooth, the machine makes noise, but this day, as I was grinding, I could feel something in my brain or inner ear bringing buzzing sound or noise into my ear, after grinding that iron, I couldn’t ear anything, all I was hearing is just noise.

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The next day, which is today Thursday, I could hear people speak but they have to be loud, and my ears can’t tolerate noise at all.

To go hospital hard me because I no gallant because of the series of test they will have me run which will expend my money I don’t have.


My question is to the learned health practitioners in the house, should I give it time for it to heal on its own or I should go to the hospital for doctor’s opinion on the matter.

Attached are the medicines for your scrutiny, I hope it is not one of those fake drugs.


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