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An Open Letter to Governor Seyi Makinde Calling for Environmental Stewardship and Preservation of Agodi Garden

Your Excellency,

With utmost respect, I write you as an indigene and resident of Oyo State with a deep sense of concern and patriotism. I am deeply troubled by two pressing matters that resonate in the minds of the citizens; the unchecked surge of illegal mining and the disconcerting prospect of losing a significant portion of Agodi Garden.

Illegal mining activity is like a cancer on our body as a people and it has permeated our society with a disturbing ease that hints at a lackadaisical approach from the concerned authorities.

It is an established fact that Oyo state which is rich in solid minerals deposit is not also spared in the hands of the economic saboteurs otherwise known as illegal miners. There are indications that illegal mining activities go on in most part of Oke-Ogun, Ibarapa and Ogbomoso every hour of the day without any check raising questions about the depth of involvement or, at the very least, a blind eye turned towards these illicit activities.

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As your constituents, we implore you to address this ugly development with the urgency and seriousness it demands. The sustainability of our state hinges on responsible governance and a commitment to protecting our precious natural resources as this task is captured in the principal constitutional responsibility of any government; protection of lives and properties of the people.

Turning our attention to the proposed conversion of Agodi Garden, the mere thought of losing this haven of greenery to a housing estate sends shivers through the spines of the discerning members of the society. Agodi Garden is not just a recreational spot; it is a symbol of environmental consciousness and a refuge for those seeking solace in nature. We fervently request you to reconsider any plans that compromise the environmental integrity of this cherished space.

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Allow me to emphasize the pivotal role that Agodi Garden plays in the broader context of climate action. Gardens and green spaces are not just aesthetic amenities; they are essential components of a sustainable and resilient community.
Here are a few recommendations:

1. Carbon Sink: Agodi Garden serves as a vital carbon sink, absorbing carbon dioxide and mitigating the impact of climate change. Preserving it aligns with global efforts to combat environmental degradation.

2. Biodiversity Conservation: The garden houses a diverse range of plant and animal species. By maintaining its ecological balance, we contribute to biodiversity conservation, fostering a healthier environment for all.

3. Community Well-being:. Green spaces enhance mental and physical well-being. Agodi Garden provides a retreat from the hustle of urban life, offering a sanctuary for relaxation and recreation.

4. Educational Hub: Agodi Garden has been an educational hub, fostering environmental awareness. Its preservation ensures that future generations continue to learn about the importance of environmental stewardship.

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Your Excellency, Oyo State has the potential to be a beacon of environmental endowment by the nature in view of God’s kindness to us in the area of good weather, fertile land and alluring vegetation. We implore you to champion this cause, ensuring that our state remains a bastion of sustainable development. The people of Oyo State look to your leadership to safeguard our environment and preserve the legacy of Agodi Garden.

Yours truly,

Isaac Oluwasegun AJADI
Concerned Resident of Oyo State


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