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ADC House Of Repsentative Candidate Features Peter Obi’s Picture in Her Campaign Poster

Barr Juliet Isi Ikhayere, AMAC and ADC MP for Bwali Federal Constituency, posted a picture of the campaign banner on his Twitter profile, indicating that Peter Obi is the preferred candidate for president.

Recall that the ADC expelled her 2023 presidential candidate Dumebika Chiku from the party.

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But the question to be answered is, “Why did you choose Peter Obi as your presidential candidate?”

Is it possible that Peter Obi is the most popular candidate among Abuja residents, contrary to what some naysayers have led us to believe?

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When Peter Obi claims to be the least popular in Abuja, it is either Atiku or Tinub.It means that any candidate interested in winning an election will accept candidates who are unpopular in their area. mosquito?

It’s like Kano’s candidate accepting Sowole instead of Kwankwaso as presidential candidate, or Anambra’s candidate accepting Tinub instead of Peter Obi.


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